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I know how frustrating it is to have low energy and little success at changing things for your goals

Hi, I’m Jen.

I’m different than most nutrition and fitness coaches because I work to help you make nutrition and fitness a lifestyle, not a quick-fix, even for busy people — like you — who feel like they don’t have the time or energy to focus on themselves. In fact, I’m much like you – let me explain:

Back in the 2010s, I was in a VERY different career.

I worked in research, and I traveled almost every week for work. Sure, I made a lot of money, but the “cost” was very high for my health.

High stress, high blood pressure, high anxiety. I could go on, but you get the point.

I hardly slept. It was rare for me to get more than 5-6 hours of sleep a night because I’d wake up in the middle of the night in a panic, unable to fall back to sleep.

My workouts were falling apart. I wasn’t doing enough of the things I loved, like mountain biking and CrossFit.

I hurt. In every way.

But I came to the realization that something had to change.

I had to take a step back.

I had to shift the focus to myself.

I made small changes. I prioritized sleep and recovery, sometimes opting to skip a workout if I just wasn’t feeling it. What a change in priorities, right?

I fueled my body with plenty of food, increasing my fat intake to support my hormonal health.

I meditated more often (daily!). I slept. I got massages. I recovered.

Wow. So different from the hustle culture mentality of leaders with a big Instagram following.

By focusing my attention on myself, I gained more energy to focus on other people in my life. This helped me see improvement in my life and better help others. Crazy how that works, right?

I didn’t succeed until I focused on the things that really worked, which are the BASICS. When I focused on the basics and keeping it simple, I built the body and life that I needed in order to succeed in the other parts of my life, and I can help do the same thing for you.

Simple steps bring you greater success. Let’s make these sustainable changes for your goals, together.


{“I lost belly fat and gained energy throughout the day. I now know when to stop eating. I have the energy of a squirrel on RedBull and am losing winter fat faster than I thought possible.”
{"I just wanted to share with you how much my mindset has shifted... I felt like a badass in the gym. And I am still enjoying foods I love!"
{"They did biometric screening at work and all my numbers are in the desirable range and my overall cholesterol is almost 30 points lower."
{“This whole journey [is] to change the way I view food and still enjoy eating what I want because that’s the whole point! I’ve learned the best way to fuel my body to feel my best and perform at 100%. I’ve PR’d every lift and consistently move faster with body weight movements. So here’s to getting stronger, and leaner, and a HUGE thank you to Jen [who] has been unbelievably awesome and supportive.”
{"My greatest success was refocusing my mind set on consistency and the process, versus the little things like the scale. Jen did a great job refocusing me. It isn't about the scale, it isn't about being perfect. Jen has been amazing to work with. I cannot thank her enough for the patience and guidance she has given me."
{"I received a high level of care I didn't expect from a remote coach. If you're considering a coach, you already know you want a change. ACTION is required for a result. My time with Jen has been more beneficial than I can relay. I wanted to achieve certain goals for years with very little progress; she helped to push me in doing the hard stuff, celebrated the wins, & called me out when I was playing small. If you're holding back, you're holding your potential self back, I did this for years. It's up to you."
{"It is the best program and decision we have made, well ever. I lost 10" and toned up, and I [now] understand that my body doesn’t require lots of food for energy. Thank you so much, Jen! We feel so much better!"
{"Jen's reputation spread across our gym quickly, and after one consultation with her, I knew I would like her approach and professionalism. Absolutely give a Jen a try. You will be amazed by what you learn even though you may think you have heard it all. She roots for you and really wants you to be able to LEARN HOW to keep consistent on your own. Her ideas, her communication to all her clients as a group - she creates a tribe that roots for each other. Not many other plans or coaches do that. "
{"I am starting to see my core! I feel stronger during climbing, biking, etc. I feel healthier and I'm down 2 pant sizes in about 8 months"
{"I lost the weight I wanted to, aced my fitness test for the military and felt amazing. Can’t recommend Jen’s support enough."


Drop me a line here and I will be in touch shortly. If this form isn't working or you don't hear from me, drop me an email at jen@shifthumanperformance.com.

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Coaching your busy ass to unleash your inner badass on the bike, in the office, and in your life.

Live your full potential.

Are you ready?


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