I work closely with each client to make goals realized and sustainable long after our coaching journey is completed. Here are some of the ways we can work together, but the options are endless:


At this level of remote coaching, personalized nutrition plans are created with your obstacles and preferences in mind. We work on everything from meal prep strategies, to hydration, sleep mastery, stress management, and everything in-between. Do you travel a lot and never feel like you know what or how to eat? No worries, I can help guide you on that as well. No obstacle can be too great for us as a team.


Remote custom training plans are delivered directly to you in an app, every week. Your programming is created with your goals in mind, including stretching and mobilization routines to complement the stability, balance, strength, endurance, and power training you will be doing.

In-person training is done in Denver, Colorado.

Do you have an injury or limitation? That isn’t a concern since I’m experienced in dealing with a variety of injuries and health concerns – let me help you emerge from your injuries and limitations even stronger and wiser during our work together.


This is the best of both worlds, but it is all done remotely. This level of coaching includes a guided review and feedback on your fitness and nutrition routines and habits. Plus, you’re guided every step of the way to make it successful.

Do you have a big race coming up? Let’s navigate it together and make it less stressful for you by having everything planned ahead of time – you just have to implement.


Having worked in the corporate world for over 12 years, I am one of the few coaches who truly understands how corporate culture and extensive business travel impacts employees. I would love to help show your team how they can thrive by focusing on the simple steps that will bring them the greatest results to be the most productive in your industry. Let’s make some shifts in your company’s bottomline by increasing the overall morale and energy within your team!

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If you’re ready to make lasting changes and meet your goals once and for all, then apply to work with me right now.


{“I lost belly fat and gained energy throughout the day. I now know when to stop eating. I have the energy of a squirrel on RedBull and am losing winter fat faster than I thought possible.”
{"I just wanted to share with you how much my mindset has shifted... I felt like a badass in the gym. And I am still enjoying foods I love!"
{"They did biometric screening at work and all my numbers are in the desirable range and my overall cholesterol is almost 30 points lower."
{“This whole journey [is] to change the way I view food and still enjoy eating what I want because that’s the whole point! I’ve learned the best way to fuel my body to feel my best and perform at 100%. I’ve PR’d every lift and consistently move faster with body weight movements. So here’s to getting stronger, and leaner, and a HUGE thank you to Jen [who] has been unbelievably awesome and supportive.”
{"My greatest success was refocusing my mind set on consistency and the process, versus the little things like the scale. Jen did a great job refocusing me. It isn't about the scale, it isn't about being perfect. Jen has been amazing to work with. I cannot thank her enough for the patience and guidance she has given me."
{"I received a high level of care I didn't expect from a remote coach. If you're considering a coach, you already know you want a change. ACTION is required for a result. My time with Jen has been more beneficial than I can relay. I wanted to achieve certain goals for years with very little progress; she helped to push me in doing the hard stuff, celebrated the wins, & called me out when I was playing small. If you're holding back, you're holding your potential self back, I did this for years. It's up to you."
{"It is the best program and decision we have made, well ever. I lost 10" and toned up, and I [now] understand that my body doesn’t require lots of food for energy. Thank you so much, Jen! We feel so much better!"
{"Jen's reputation spread across our gym quickly, and after one consultation with her, I knew I would like her approach and professionalism. Absolutely give a Jen a try. You will be amazed by what you learn even though you may think you have heard it all. She roots for you and really wants you to be able to LEARN HOW to keep consistent on your own. Her ideas, her communication to all her clients as a group - she creates a tribe that roots for each other. Not many other plans or coaches do that. "
{"I am starting to see my core! I feel stronger during climbing, biking, etc. I feel healthier and I'm down 2 pant sizes in about 8 months"
{"I lost the weight I wanted to, aced my fitness test for the military and felt amazing. Can’t recommend Jen’s support enough."


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Coaching your busy ass to unleash your inner badass on the bike, in the office, and in your life.

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