When you’re new to mountain biking, it can feel overwhelming between what bike to ride, what gear to get, and figuring out how the hell to safely ride down a mountain on two wheels! 😬 I’m here to tell you that, no, you don’t need to wear the latest gear or ride the...

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Let's unpack the facts about creatine: what it is, what it does, how to use it, and dosage. I also answer a couple of the most common questions about creatine to help keep things simple, fam. 🎧 Here are some other episodes about protein that you will want to check...

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Does your mind ever drift to somewhere other than where you are or what you are doing? That is fairly normal and common! The brain can jump around a lot given the nature of how it works. So, try not to worry too much if you find that your thoughts are drifting when...

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Belittling: means to put down or to make another person feel as though they aren’t important or didn’t do something noteworthy. Your effort is your effort alone. Just because you may have ridden less mileage, less elevation, or maybe even less technical terrain or...

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Are you restricting or restraining yourself in your food choices? Restraint tastes divine because that’s the taste of freedom from having a fear of food. 

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How do you spend your meals? Are you eating while on your phone or laptop, scrolling through social media, or watching TV to binge on Netflix? If so, you’re likely eating mindlessly. Follow these five simple steps to mindful eating.

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Building your ‘perfect’ meal is as easy as using your own hand as a guide. No food scale necessary. With a bit of practice, you can learn to measure appropriate portion sizes by using your hand as a measuring tool, without the need to weigh and measure every single ounce or gram of food that passes your lips.

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