Get Lean

 While Supercharging Your Energy and Becoming A Badass At Everything You Do, Without Giving Up Your Favorite Things

Let’s cut to the chase. You’re crazy busy between work and family responsibilities. It’s hard to find the time to exercise right and eat sensibly.

After all, you’re a high-achiever and hard-charger. That’s what’s made you such a success.

But a little more balance in your life would be nice. So would getting rid of those stubborn 10-30 pounds, forever. (You’ve taken them off before – many times. But somehow the weight always seems to creep back on.)

You’d like to change how you eat and exercise, but nothing seems to fit your busy schedule.

So you don’t get to the gym often (or at all) and fall back to takeout food, grab-n-go supermarket meals, or fast food.

At a business dinner, you are inclined to order the special butter on your steak and a whole bottle of wine.

If your flight is delayed and you get to your hotel late, you’re inclined to just skip your planned hotel gym workout.

Maybe you also enjoy hiking, biking, and outdoor activities, but can’t enjoy them fully because you tire so quickly.

And these days, your energy sometimes wanes at work. That’s not good. There are always younger hot shots on the hunt for the job you worked so hard to get.

You worry about falling behind and settling for second best – which is not who you are.

You want to live up to your full potential. That’s who you REALLY are. And you owe it to yourself and your family to be the best you can be.

You’ve been stuck in what seems like a bottomless pit of hopeless despair without any way out…until today.

I brought you a rope.
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Meet Jeff

A 48-year-old busy professional with an active lifestyle. Jeff lost 16 pounds and 10.5 inches in 12 weeks. Jeff learned:

  • ​How to stop the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting
  • ​How to NOT to go crazy with a restrictive diet and spending endless hours in the gym
  • The best approach to getting lean and still having a life
  • Why the REAL SECRET is no secret at all: balance and consistency

And so can you. But first…

I’ve Been Where You Are And Know How Frustrating It Is To Have So Little Energy And Have So Little Success At Changing Things For The Better

Once upon a time… not so very long ago… I was in a very different career.

I traveled almost every week for work. I made a lot of money, but the “cost” on a human level was very high.

High stress… high blood pressure… high anxiety. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

I hardly slept. It was rare for me to get even more than 5-6 hours of sleep a night because I’d wake up in the middle of almost every night in a panic, unable to fall back to sleep.

My workouts were falling apart. I wasn’t doing enough of the things I loved, like CrossFit and mountain biking.

I hurt. In every way.

But I came to the realization that something had to change.

I had to take a step back.

I had to shift the focus to myself.

I prioritized sleep and recovery, sometimes opting to skip a workout if I just wasn’t feeling it. What a change in priorities, right?

I fueled my body with plenty of food, increasing my fat intake to support my hormonal health.

I meditated more often (daily.) I slept. I got massages. I recovered.

Wow. So different from the “go hard or go home” mentality of young male studs with big biceps and a big Instagram following.

By focusing my attention on myself, I gained more energy to focus on other people in my life. This helped me see improvement in my life and better help others. Crazy how that works, right?

I didn’t succeed until I focused on the things that really worked, which are the BASICS. When I focused on the basics and keeping it simple, I built the body and life that I needed in order to succeed in the other parts of my life, and I can help do the same thing for you.

I like to say that “Simple steps bring you greater success.”

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed. Start Taking The Right Actions In The Right Ways To Lose Weight And Keep It Off Forever

Imagine not having to spend hours and hours in the gym and in the kitchen.

Your program will be customized just for you.

Your personal nutrition plan will be one that will work for you and still include your favorite foods. This will be a plan that doesn’t consume your life, yet still allows you to go out with your friends on the weekends. You’ll learn how to balance your social life with your goals.

You’ll never have to turn down a glass of bourbon, whiskey, or wine or wait to have it on a “cheat day” (or anything ridiculous like that.)

You’ll learn how to make your diet simple and not overly-restrictive. There will be some flexibility to enjoy the “bad” foods (and let’s be honest: wine) that you enjoy so much.

Your exercise program will be effective and simple, and it won’t consume a ton of your time, because I know your time is limited.

You will master your sleep and stress management, and learn how to manage your mindset when it comes to fitness and food.

You don’t need to program hop anymore. You don’t need to try every diet again.

You can stop:
  • Figuring out and experimenting on your own how much you need to eat each day when things are “normal”.
  • Experimenting on your how much you need to eat when things are “not normal” because you’re on business travel or out with friend.
  • Deciding what exercises to perform and when, including sets and reps, even when you have limited time.
  • Being confused about how much weight and for how many reps and sets to use.
By working with me, you’ll receive:
  • Customized workouts delivered seamlessly through my app that fit your schedule and goals, including video guidance on how to perform each exercise so you’re never lost.
  • A daily nutrition or lifestyle habit that will increase your energy and guide you to making sound nutrition and lifestyle choices for the rest of your life, helping you find balance with your nights out with friends (including the bourbon, whiskey, and wine).
  • Constant accountability from me to keep you chasing your goals while avoiding frustration and confusion along the way.

Meet Ashley

She works long shifts, and learned how to manage her nutrition, energy, and focus to see these results. She found a way to do it all, including enjoying her nights out with her boyfriend (and now fiance) and friends.

Imagine feeling confident in your skin, whether you’re naked or in a swimsuit.

No more wasting time and money by program-hopping between diets and workouts.

Instead, you’ll have the confidence to know what to do when you get to the gym to workout, and you’ll know exactly what you should be eating at any given time.

And if you ever have a question at any time, I am a quick message away to help guide you.
It’s time for a successful program from an experienced coach (that’s me!) who’s been where you are and can guide you out of the endless frustration and turmoil.

Remember, simple steps bring you greater success.

Get Started Here

If you’re ready to make lasting changes and meet your goals once and for all, then apply to work with me right now.

Coaching your busy ass to unleash your inner badass on the bike, in the office, and in your life.

Live your full potential.

Are you ready?


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