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10. Get More Done by Batching Your Time

Mar 22, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Welcome to episode 10! If you feel like you get to the end of the day without getting much done, or wondering where all of your time went, then this episode is for you. I can almost guarantee that you will get more done by batching your time.

“Batching” means you complete a certain task or similar tasks at one time each day or on certain days of the week. By batching my tasks together, I avoid spreading my energy on multiple tasks at one time. Because, let’s be real: multitasking really means that nothing is getting done. Give this episode a listen and implement some of these ideas to save yourself some more time and energy.

Head to to buy the Mastermind Week Pad I mentioned in this episode if you like to write-out your schedule instead of being so dependent on your devices.

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About the Shred Stronger Strength Program for Mountain Bikers

If you want to get stronger this season, then you need to join my Shred Stronger strength program.

We start on Monday, March 29th. Click the link here to sign-up and show your interest: I’ll give you the details of the program when you sign-up. Plus, a percentage of every program you buy goes right back as a donation to our trails every quarter.

This is the exact same training I do alongside you, because it works. So, stop doing a half-assed program. Stop program hopping all around by jumping to the next program. Instead, start doing ONE program that gives you something with a greater focus on what you actually need to train to increase your power. I can’t wait to see you in the Shred Stronger group!

Reach Out to Me to Learn More

If you have any questions, send me an email at Or, follow me on Instagram @shifthumanperformance or on Facebook at

Lastly, visit to learn more about how I can help guide you from being a busy ass to more of a badass. Thanks for being here and supporting this podcast. Please share it with someone who needs some encouragement to move a little more each day to improve their health.



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