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15. Soulful Scientist Dr. Nicole Garneau Talks About Transformation and Mental Health

Apr 26, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Episode 15 Interview with Dr. Nicole Garneau

April is Stress Awareness Month. And in this episode, I’m talking with Dr. Nicole Garneau, who earned her PhD in Genetics. The Soulful Scientist and I talk about transformation and mental health and ways to identify and find your own success.

Sometimes, batching your time like I talked about in episode 10, isn’t what will work for YOU, but Nicole and I talk about ways to identify what works for you to master your day. (Hint: it takes some experimenting.) We also talk about Nicole’s latest creation, “The Soulful Scientist’s Guide To…”

The Soulful Scientist’s Guide To… is an online “school” designed for people looking to go deeper to understand personalized and specific topics, from both a scientific and soul-forward perspective. The transformational goal of each course is for students to feel empowered to take action now, and have the concrete tools to do so.

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If you want to read the article Dr. Nicole wrote that we mentioned in this episode, click here; the article starts at the bottom right corner of page 7.

Listen in on this episode if you want to shine a light on transformation and mental health.


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