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8. What to do When You’re Not Motivated to Train (or do Anything)

Mar 8, 2021 | Podcast | 2 comments

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Motivation is the least dependable thing you can rely on for getting ish done. So, the ideas about “how to get motivated” are often… overrated.  It takes discipline to get things done, as well as some other things that can help, which I talk about in this episode.

If you want to learn more about Mel Robbins, check her out here: Her simple 5-second rule is a game changer, as I mention in this episode. It will help you learn how to get motivated quicker than you can blink. Don’t depend on motivation alone, as it will elude you.

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  1. Dr. Nicole

    I love this resource! Something about about hearing the real “shift” and in Jen’s voice (vs a blog), makes it so much more personal and engaging. Plus we all need this honesty and vulnerability to keep us moving. So please keep them coming… and how about the podcast name, haha! Love it.

    • Jen Kates

      Thanks for the feedback, Nicole! I’m so glad this episode resonated with you and you found it helpful. I’m already on episode 9 this week, so keep coming back each week or be sure to subscribe – I try to keep them short except for my monthly interview episode the last week of the month. Let’s make shift happen, haha! 😉



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