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39. Where are Your Watts Coming From?

Oct 11, 2021 | Podcast | 2 comments

Watts are what measures your power on the bike. In order to move your bike, you need to apply force to the pedals, which is what generates power (or watts) on the bike. 

If you think of it in terms of an equation: Power = force (the pressure applied to the pedals) / time (cadence or RPM you pedal).

No matter how you apply power to the pedals, you want to be EFFICIENT when you do so. This means your pedal stroke should be as efficient as possible. Also, your body should be functioning as efficiently as possible in the process. By listening to the signals your body is giving you, you’re more able to see what you may need to focus on when it comes to your strength training and mobility program.

Where do you feel more of the aches and pains in your body during or after your bikes rides?

A few other episodes I reference watts and power in the past are worth checking out if you haven’t heard them yet:

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  1. Sally Brassill

    Another wonderful podcast Jen!!
    I’ve been strength training and doing body work with a PT since spring and have learned and progressed tremendously as well as learning the importance of muscle strength and balance.

    • Jen Kates

      Thanks for listening! I’m so glad you sought the care of a PT to help you on your journey. It really can make such a difference.


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