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Indoor bike training is the bane of many cyclists' existence. I get it! Who wants to be indoors on a bike when you'd rather be outside? But, indoor bike training can also make training happen more easily, regardless of the weather. In this episode, I outline the...

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The best time to workout or train will always be the time that works best for your schedule and energy levels. Consistency is the best indicator for long-term success, after all - so how can you be consistent with your training or workouts?  Give this episode a listen...

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Friends, no, you do not likely need to go harder or whatever in order to see results if you're too tired to workout. Maybe you just need to take a rest day or do  something more chill. Ever thought about that? Give this episode a listen to learn how to determine what...

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Muscle soreness may be something you may chase in your workouts or rides, but is that necessary? And how do you know if your muscle soreness is okay to experience or not? What if it prevents you from training altogether? So many questions, so little time. Somewhere...

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How do you know for sure your body needs rest and it’s not your inner critic telling you to stop? What are the signs that your body needs rest? Let’s talk about it. Please, give this episode a listen and let me know if you have any questions at all - I’m always here...

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I get it: tracking food is cumbersome and overwhelming. It can be a lot to do when you are already doing a lot in life. So, here are 5️⃣ things you can do to help you lose body fat without tracking your food. Give this episode a listen and let me know if you have any...

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Do you feel the need for speed on your bike, and want to get faster on your bike? 👉 Then, listen to these five tips on the ways you can increase your speed on the bike. With a little effort OFF the bike, you can improve your speed ON the bike, along with doing some...

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